Once the Buddi arrives, chose a central location in the wearer’s home to place the dock. Place the clip and the wristband onto the dock – the LEDs on the clip and wristband will glow green. The wearer will need to register and activate their Buddi on the online customer portal, accessed at www.buddi.co.uk/login. Follow the start-up wizard to get started. Alternatively, call our Customer Care Team and they will be happy to help with the setup of the Buddi.
The Buddi clip and wristband will warn the wearer if the battery goes below a certain threshold. Text and/or email alerts to alert contacts in the case of low battery can also be configured in the Buddi Customer Portal.
When a wearer enters an unsafe zone or leaves a safe zone an alert will be issued – the wearer will not be called if this alert is registered, in order to prevent agitation. Alert contacts will be notified by the Buddi monitoring centre.
At the touch of the buttons on the wristband or clip, the Buddi clip will alert the Buddi monitoring centre. The UK based team will immediately contact the wearer on their Buddi and talk to them through the clip. Alert contacts will be notified once the Buddi monitoring centre has information about the alert.
The fall alert works automatically, so even if the wearer is incapacitated as a result of a fall, the system still works without having to be activated by hand. The alert will be raised with the Buddi monitoring centre who will immediately contact the wearer on their Buddi and talk to them through the clip. If unsuccessful, they will then endeavour to alert the registered alert contacts.
The Buddi wristband contains a sensor called an accelerometer. High and low levels of activity during the day, or during the week, are easy to see. It is possible to configure a set number of steps within a certain amount of time on the online customer portal as an activity alert. For example, if it is expected that the wearer normally wakes up, makes a cup of tea and is generally moving around their home before 10am, a threshold of 300 steps can be set as the activity alert. If this threshold is not met by 10am, the registered alert contacts will be notified.
Alert contacts for the Buddi wearer are set up in the member’s area of the website, the customer portal. These can be amended and updated at any time.
We recommend that at least three alert contacts are added to the wearer’s profile on the online customer portal. There are no limits to maximum numbers of alert contacts that can be added to a profile.
Log into the online customer portal, click "Contacts" and follow the instructions to set up a new contact, including selection of which alerts that they will be notified for.
If you give your alert contacts access rights, they can contact Buddi on your behalf to talk about your device.
The Buddi clip uses GPS mobile technology to locate the wearer, and has buttons which raise an alert to our 24/7 Monitoring Centre. It contains a speaker and a microphone, enabling two-way communication. The Buddi clip lives on the dock when home and is worn or carried when out and about. Keeping the dock near the front door and using the keyring attachment from the Buddi accessory pack may provide handy reminders to bring the clip when leaving the house.
The Buddi clip battery will typically last for up to two days, the wristband will last for up to seven days. We recommend that the Buddi clip lives on the dock when home and is worn or carried when out and about. The battery life of the Buddi clip is dependent on use, for example if it is taken out and about for a prolonged period of time and alerts are raised frequently this will result in battery discharging more quickly. We recommend that the clip is placed on the dock whenever the user is at home, the charging time is around four hours.
The range is up to 40 metres in open space.
If the Buddi wearer plans to travel whilst using their buddi, we would recommend to add global roaming to the payment plan to ensure that coverage is available, this is an additional cost of £2.50 per week.
The Buddi Monitoring Centre is based in the UK and can be contacted 24 hours a day, 364 days a year
A zone is either an area where a wearer is expected to be at a certain time and day (safe zone) or an area where the wearer should not be (unsafe zone). An alert can be set up to alert contacts if the Buddi wearer has gone somewhere they shouldn’t be. This is done by setting up safe and unsafe zones on the online customer portal, is quick and easy to set up and can be changed at any time.
The wristband is waterproof and designed to be worn at all times. It senses motion and communicates wirelessly with the clip and dock. In the case of a fall, or if the alert buttons are pressed, the wristband raises an alert through the clip to our 24/7 Monitoring Centre. In the case of a false alert, the alert buttons can be pressed to cancel an alert. Additionally, the wristband monitors activity and notifications can be configured on the online customer portal for unusually low or high levels of activity.
The Buddi wristband is waterproof and designed to be worn at all time, including while asleep and bathing. The battery life will last for up to seven days.
The wristband will take around two hours to charge on the dock.