Once your buddi arrives, chose a central location in the wearer’s home to place the dock. Place the clip and the wristband onto the dock and plug the dock into mains power using the charger provided. The LEDs on the clip and wristband will then glow green. If you’ve purchased the buddi yourself or for a family member, your buddi needs to be registered and activated on the Online Customer Portal, using the start-up wizard accessed at www.buddi.co.uk/login. Alternatively, call our Customer Care Team on 0800 978 8800 and they will be happy to help with the setup of the buddi.
The features and alerts for your buddi can be set up via the Online Customer Portal and our Customer Care Team are on hand over the phone to help out if your need them. The buddi wearer doesn't need access to the internet, but it may be useful if another family member does. Buddi location requests can be obtained by phone by calling our 24/7 Monitoring Centre on 0871 423 5999*.
* Charges for calls to 0871 numbers from a BT landline and mobile operators may apply
The buddi is a personal locating device that uses GPS technology to accurately calculate its location (similar to in-car Sat Nav), and it uses the mobile phone network to communicate that location to our secure computers. Every user is provided with unique details to log onto the Buddi website to set up and manage their buddi, and to carry out location requests.
Your clip can be worn around your neck on a lanyard, carried in your pocket or handbag, or fastened to a bag or belt. The wristband, which comes with the buddi clip and charging dock, can be tailored to fit.
The clip uses a mobile phone network to communicate its location to our computers. To ensure that you are provided with the best possible mobile network coverage, the clip comes supplied with an EU-wide roaming SIM as standard. If you intend to use your Buddi outside Europe, you will need to select ‘Global Roaming’ at point of purchase for an extra cost, however we cannot guarantee coverage worldwide so strongly advise checking in advance of any travel.
Demonstrations of the key features of your buddi are available on our website homepage. For additional information you can speak with our Customer Care Team on 0800 978 8800 or email support@buddi.co.uk
The buddi clip weighs 48g and measures 59mm x 48mm x 21mm. The wristband weighs approximately 40g when supplied but varies according to size once it has been trimmed.
The clip uses GPS mobile technology to locate the wearer, and has buttons which raise an alert to our 24/7 Monitoring Centre when pressed simultaneously for a few seconds. It contains a speaker and a microphone enabling two-way communication to our 24/7 Monitoring Centre for both the panic button and fall alerts when they are activated. The clip can live on the dock when in the home and must be worn or carried when outside. Keeping the dock near the front door and using the keyring attachment from the Buddi accessory pack may provide handy reminders to take the clip when leaving the house.
The clip battery will typically last for up to two days and the wristband will last for approximately seven days. The battery life of the clip is dependent on use, for example if it is taken out and about for prolonged periods of time, or alerts are raised frequently, this will result in the battery discharging more quickly. To help maximise the battery life of the buddi clip, we recommend that it is placed on the dock whenever the wearer is at home. The charging time for the clip is approximately four hours. NB. If you have purchased a clip only device, please use the clip charger provided.
The clip and wristband communicate with each other using Radio Frequency (RF) and the range for this is up to 40 metres in open space.
The wristband is designed to be worn at all times. It senses motion and communicates wirelessly with the clip and dock. In the case of a fall, or if the alert buttons are pressed, the wristband raises an alert through the clip to our 24/7 Monitoring Centre. The wristband also measures activity levels and alert notifications can be configured on the Online Customer Portal for unusually low or high levels of activity.
The wristband is designed to be worn at all times.
The wristband battery will last for up to seven days depending on individual use.
Alert contacts for the buddi are set up via a secure login to the Online Customer Portal. These can be amended and updated at any time by customers who have purchased their device online or have login access to the Contacts feature.
We recommend you have at least three alert contacts which need to be added to the wearer’s profile on the Online Customer Portal in the Contacts area. There are no limits to the maximum numbers of alert contacts that can be added for the wearer.
Log into the Online Customer Portal, click Contacts and follow the instructions to set up a new contact, including selection of which alerts that they will be notified for. If you do not see the Contacts tab when you log in, please contact the organisation who provided you with your buddi.
You can set up family members and friends with login access to the Online Customer Portal and they will then be able to speak to the 24/7 Monitoring Centre and Customer Care Team on your behalf about your device.
The Buddi Monitoring Centre is based in the UK and can be contacted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year on 0871 423 5999*.
* Charges for calls to 0871 numbers from a BT landline and mobile operators may apply
A zone is either an area where a wearer is expected to be at a certain time and day (safe zone) or an area where the wearer should not be (unsafe zone). An alert can be set up to alert contacts if the Buddi wearer has gone somewhere they shouldn’t be. Safe and unsafe zones are set up on the Online Customer Portal and are personalised for the buddi wearer.