Buddi Clip

What does the Buddi Clip do?

The Buddi Clip uses GPS mobile technology to locate the wearer, and has buttons which raise an alert to our 24/7 Monitoring Centre when pressed simultaneously for a few seconds. It contains a speaker and a microphone enabling two-way communication to our 24/7 Monitoring Centre for both the panic button and fall alerts when they are activated. The Buddi Clip must be worn or carried when outside. Using the keyring attachment from the buddi accessory pack may provide handy reminders to take the Buddi Clip when leaving the house.

How long will my Buddi Clip battery last for?

The Buddi Clip battery will typically last for up to two days. The battery life of the Buddi Clip is dependent on use, for example if it is taken out and about for prolonged periods of time, or alerts are raised frequently, this will result in the battery discharging more quickly. To help maximise the battery life of the Buddi Clip, we recommend that it is placed on charge for two hours a day or whenever the wearer is at home. The charging time for the Buddi Clip is approximately four hours.

What is the range between the Buddi Clip and Buddi Wristband?

The Buddi Wristband communicates with the Buddi Clip using Radio Frequency (RF). The range is up to 40 metres in open space.