Buddi Connect

How does the Buddi Connect app work?

The Buddi Wristband communicates any alerts and data to loved ones, or connections, via the Buddi Connect app. The wristband pairs to the app using Bluetooth and must stay within 10 metres* of the user's smartphone in order to remain paired. If the wristband and the app become unpaired the app may not be able to register and communicate an alert to the chosen connections.

A full user guide can be found under the ‘Help’ option within the Buddi Connect app that will give you a step by step of your Buddi Wristband and the app. Our 24/7 Customer Service Team will be more than happy to answer any questions or queries either by phone on 0800 978 8800, or email at support@buddi.co.uk.

* Environmental factors may affect this range, so we would advise users to keep their smartphone with them whenever possible to prevent loss of connection.

How are my connections notified of an alert?

In the case of a fall or panic alert, the Buddi Wristband will communicate the alert to the wearer’s app via Bluetooth. The Buddi Connect app then pushes a notification to the screens of all connection’s smartphones to notify them of the alert.

Each connection then has the ability to open the Buddi Connect app to view the wearer’s location and the type of alert that has been triggered. They can then choose to message or call the wearer to ensure they are safe or cancel the alert.

If you choose to opt for our 24/7 monitoring service with your Buddi Connect app then our emergency support staff will also be notified of these alerts and can get the wearer the help they need in case chosen connections are unavailable.