Connect: The Buddi Connect app lets you view the wearer’s last known location using the GPS built into your smartphone. When the wristband registers a fall alert, or the panic buttons are pressed, all connections will be able to view the wearer’s location at the time of the alert.

Clip: Every user is provided with unique details to log onto the Buddi website to set up and manage their buddi, and to carry out location requests. Buddi location requests can also be obtained by phone by calling our 24/7 Customer Service Team on 0871 423 5999.

With the Buddi Clip, it is possible to set up safe, unsafe zones in your account. A zone is either an area where a wearer is expected to be at a certain time and day (safe zone) or an area where the wearer should not be (unsafe zone). An alert can be set up to alert contacts if the Buddi wearer has gone somewhere they shouldn’t be. Safe and unsafe zones are set up on the Online Customer Portal and are personalised for the buddi wearer.