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Reactivation of Buddi Clip DEMO

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Reactivation of Buddi Clip DEMO

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Global Roaming
£2.50 per week

Protect your Buddi
£1.00 per week


The Buddi Clip has built-in panic buttons that you can press if you need help. Alerts raised by the Buddi Clip are sent immediately to the Buddi 24/7 Support team, who will call the Buddi Clip and attempt to speak with you.

Like a phone, you can speak through the Buddi Clip. It has a speaker and a microphone that enable two-way communication when alerts are activated. This means that the Buddi 24/7 Support team can talk to you directly and find out if you require assistance. They will also get in touch with your emergency contacts when alerts are raised so that you can receive help even if you are incapacitated. 

The Buddi Clip must be worn or carried when outside, and if needed it can locate you using GPS mobile technology.

Using the keyring attachment from the Buddi Clip Accessory Pack may provide handy reminders to take the Buddi Clip when leaving the house. You can purchase the Buddi Clip Accessory Pack here.

The service fee of £4.99/week is for the ongoing use of Buddi services, including access to the Buddi 24/7 Support team. The fee is taken on a monthly basis.

In order to use your Buddi outside of the United Kingdom, please select Global Roaming when adding the product to your shopping cart. Use of Global Roaming costs an additional £2.50/week.