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I want my friends and family to know if I’ve fallen, and I have my own smartphone.
I want my friends and family to know if I’ve fallen, but I don’t have a smartphone.
  • Automatic Fall Detection

    A sensor is built into the Buddi Wristband to measure the changes in movement that occur during a fall.

    This means that falls are detected automatically, so your emergency contacts will be notified even if you are incapacitated by a fall.

  • Push Button Alarm

    At the touch of a button, your Buddi will alert your pre-selected connections.

    If you have opted for Buddi 24/7 support, our UK based team will contact you immediately. If you cannot be reached, the support team will endeavour to alert your connections.

  • Location Finder

    Buddi uses the latest technologies to make sure your connections can accurately locate you in an emergency.

    So independent minded individuals, like you, can simply get on with living life, wherever it takes you, and enjoy being out and about without any restrictions.

  • Buddi 24/7 Support

    As well as utilising the very latest technology, Buddi recognises the crucial role that people play in an emergency.

    We operate a fully staffed Emergency Monitoring Centre in the UK where trained operators are on hand 24/7, 365 days of the year, to provide assistance and respond to alerts.

How it works

"The problem with most fall alarms is that they're home based. This gives the freedom to go outside and live your life while still staying safe. And it looks stylish as well. What more could you ask for!"

"If we didn’t have Buddi, my mum would not be in her own home, and her independence is so important."

"This has been a life line to our Mum and our family. She says good morning and goodnight... we know she is safe. When she has a fall or knock one of her 5 buddies responds immediately. This is an invaluable tool for her to feel we are right there by her side. "

"I made my grandfather start wearing a Buddi 2 years ago - he is 95, lives alone in London and is fiercely independent. Last week it saved his life. Buddi doesn't just give him confidence; it gives all of us confidence."

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