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1. Place your wristband on charge.


Buddi Wristband Charging


The LED (light) will flash green when charging.


2. Download the Buddi Connect app.

Buddi Connect App Logo


Available on Google Play (Android) or the App Store (iOS).


Google Play App StoreApple iOS App Store  


Tap the icon to take you directly to the app store.


3. Follow the steps on the app to set up your account.

Buddi Connect Onboarding

Don't forget to ask your connections to download the app and set up their account too.


4. Test your device.

Buddi Wristband Diagram

Squeeze the buttons on your Buddi Wristband to test alerts are going through to all connections. You can cancel the alert by squeezing them again.

To test the fall alert, hold the end of the wristband strap securely together in your hand and shake it.


What your wristband lights mean 

Buddi Wristband LED Meanings